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While the big-box retailers have come and gone, Wilson Hardware Co. is here today because of loyal customers in and around the Rochester, NY area. We are service oriented and offer personal attention that you don't get anywhere else.


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Stihl® Timbersports 

Guide Bars

Wilson Hardware Co. specializes in chain saw bars for the professional user from manufacturers like Laser, Oregon, Carlton, Husqvarna®, and Stihl®. We carry bar configurations to match the unique cutting requirements of our hardworking chain saws, each specifically designed for your unique woodcutting application and chain saw brand.

Ultra Sprocket Nose Bar

The Ultra Sprocket Nose Bar is a premium quality solid steel sprocket nose bar made from the finest steel and hand-ground to precise specifications. Special noses are gauge matched with rails to ensure chain rides straighter at nose end and tip. Finished in brushed steel finish. Wilson Hardware Co. Ultra Sprocket Nose Bar

Forestry-Pro Sprocket Nose Bar

The Forestry-Pro Sprocket Nose Bar is a professional quality solid steel sprocket nose bar for .325 inch, 3/8 inch, and .404 inch pitch chains. Bar has a ground and polished finish. Sprocket nose is replaceable. Wilson Hardware Co. Forestry-Pro Sprocket Nose Bar

Oregon Power Match Bar

The nose of the Oregon Power Match Bar  fastens with a single rivet, and is securely held by wide, strong, overlapping ears. The long nose takes most of the abuse, minimizing wear to the bar body. Super tough chrome moly steel provides superior bar-body strength, and features tough rails with excellent resistence to wear and chipping. Wilson Hardware Oregon Power Match Bar

Oregon Pro-Lite Bar

The Oregon Pro-Lite Bar is a slim contour bar with excellent maneuverability. Super tough chrome moly steel provides superior bar-body strength. Wilson Hardware Oregon Pro Lite Bar

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